Bee line between Okinawa and Canberra

28 September 2019 We are in for another insightful talk, this time presented by Alexander (Sasha)  Mikheyev of ANU , titled 'Bee line between Okinawa and Canberra'. Globalization has allowed the exchange of ideas, resources and technology. However, it has also facilitated the worldwide spread of diseases, parasites and invasive species. Sasha has been examining this dark side of globalization, [...]

Canberra Nara Candle Festival 2019

26th October 2019 The Canberra Nara Candle Festival is a celebration of the sister-city relationship between Canberra and Nara, Japan. Each October the festival brings together a wide variety of Japanese and Australian arts and crafts such as calligraphy, lantern making, origami and ikebana. As the sun sets, a total of 2,000 candles bathe the park in soft candlelight, forming [...]

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