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The Society manages, coordinates and supports a number of Program each year.

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Student Exchange Scholarships

A student exchange is conducted each year in cooperation with the Kobe Japan-Australia Society.  Secondary students from Canberra and from Kobe have an opportunity to study and live with a family.   The 6-10 weeks exchange provides a unique cultural experience, immersion in the local language and can lead to lasting friendships.  The AJS (ACT) provides the selected Canberra secondary students with the full cost of return travel.


AJS (ACT) Student Exchange Program Coordinator,
GPO Box 1066,
Canberra ACT 2601

IFIE Japanese Language and Culture Course

(Kanazawa, JAPAN, 24 September- 6 October 2017)

Twice each year the Australia – Japan Society (ACT) arranges participants for a two-week in-country course in Japanese language/culture – in Kanazawa, Japan.  The course is run by the Ishikawa Foundation for International Exchange (IFIE) in April and September/October. We are now calling for applications for the September/October 2017 course.

The courses run for 2 weeks from a Sunday afternoon to the Friday evening two weeks later and include intensive language lessons, cultural activities and home stay accommodation with a Japanese family – this latter is one of the outstanding features of the program and certainly gives a boost to the participants’ language skills.

During the course, mornings are spent in formal language classes and, most afternoons, opportunities are provided to explore the local culture, either in organised classes and excursions or course participants are encourged to explore Kanazawa by themselves or with other members of the group.

The classes are tailored to the individual participant’s language skills – participants are assessed on the first day and placed in classes according to their language abilities. Beginner classes are available in the September/October intake.  There are excellent facilities and very helpful teachers at the Institute.

Below is a Youtube video about the various Ishikawa Foundation’s courses, and you can also find more information about the program at   The AJS two week course doesn’t, of course, cover the full range of activities shown for the longer courses in the video, but there are many common features.

The total course cost per participant, including all course fees, cultural activities and accommodation for the duration of the course (but NOT including fares to and from Kanazawa, Japan) is, depending on fluctuations in the $/yen ratio, around $900 – $1,100.  Participants are advised to allow about $30 – $40 per day for day-to-day expenses (bus fares, lunches, souvenirs etc) so the total cost for the two week experience, by the time you have travelled to and from Kanazawa, is usually around $3,000.

Applicants must be at least 20 years old, must be a member of an Australia – Japan Society or an affiliated organisation (or join one) and must be prepared to stay in Japan for the duration of the course.

This is a great chance to commence, refresh, improve or develop your Japanese language skills and, if your profession is appropriate, the cost may be tax deductible as a self-education expense.

For a more detailed outline of the program and for homestay application forms contact Michael Hodgkin, the coordinator of the program at;


or snail mail: IFIE Program Coordinator, c/o Australia – Japan

Society (ACT), PO Box 1066, Canberra, ACT 2601

Tohoku Tsunami Youth Victims Program


tohoku students at the aboretumFrom early 2012 the AJS (ACT) has been running a program to bring students who lost parents in the disastrous Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami, for a brief respite holiday in Canberra. Up to 300 children lost both parents and more than 1000 lost one parent.

This program is called the “TOHOKU YOUTH PROGRAM”.

The purpose of these visits is to create friendship and goodwill and to show these young people that the Australian community cares for them and wishes to help.They participate in many social and educational programs while in Canberra: they are hosted at schools, visit Federal and ACT government departments and visit many venues and sights in Canberra.

tohoku students racing the presidentThis program is supported by the Australia-Japan Foundation, the Embassy of Japan, Ashinaga Ikuei Kai in Japan, Radford College, Questacon, the National Zoo and Aquarium, the Farmyard Nursery at Symonston, our patron Mr. Ron Murray AM of Murrays Bus Company, Japan Airlines plus many more Canberran individuals. The students home-stay in pairs with host families from Radford College.

The funds for the program have been raised by the AJS (ACT) though fund raising events, grants from the Australia-Japan Foundation, plus the support many other Canberra organisations, too many to acknowledge here. The first visit took place in March 2012 and to date we have accepted eighteen young students and planning for another four this year.

We now know that this program does help these young people and can change their lives.

The AJS (ACT) is inviting the community to participate by supporting this program.


  1. You can help by raising the money to sponsor a young victim to take part in this program. Contact or the Australia-Japan Society (ACT), PO Box 1066 Canberra ACT 2601
  2. Your organisation can partner with the AJS (ACT) in sponsoring a young victim. Contact or the TYP co ordinator AJS (ACT) PO Box 1066 canberra ACT 2601